Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Trailer Revealed

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Trailer revealed

The developers of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 finally released the trailer for the season and no doubt it will get the gaming community very excited.

The season was named Nightmare as Call of Duty Mobile have made a lot of new Halloween content for this season.

Trailers are a great way to promote new seasons as it gives players a chance to see glimpses of what it will have to offer.

The trailer showed action, cosmetics and more, and no doubt it will entice a lot of gamers and get them downloading the game to try out the season.

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Trailer Revealed for Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile released a trailer which is 45 seconds long and it has raised expectations for this new season.

We can see some of the new characters, and all the action is set in a dark and gloomy theme, to emphasise that they are doing a lot of Halloween content. Have a look at the trailer for yourself by watching the video down below.

It is really good to see the developers put in a lot of time and effort into making this new season as good as possible and one thing that excites the gaming community massively is the fact that they can bring back content from any Call of Duty game in the popular franchise, and we will see this happen quite a bit in season 9.

There will be a huge Trick or Treat event with unlockable rewards, and these rewards are a Scarlett Rhodes Hallowmas skin, as well as a M16 skin named Pumpkin Repeater.No doubt there will be a lot more rewards, but these are the only confirmed ones for now.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will be called nightmare

Gamers love Halloween, and a lot of season 9’s content is going to be focused around this spooky season.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 promises to be one of the best seasons in the game for a while as there is a bunch of new content, limited time events, and amazing rewards for players to get their hands on so be sure to jump on the game as soon as you can.

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