Apex Legends: NICKMERCS to host insane $50,000 Gauntlet Tournament

Apex Legends: NICKMERCS to host insane $50,000 Gauntlet Tournament

Apex Legends is set to host a huge tournament with a $50,000 prize pool, and hugely popular streamer and YouTuber NICKMERCS has been confirmed as the host.

The gaming community are no strangers to tournaments like this with huge money prizes, and due to this, Apex Legends has grown massively and many players are now professional gamers.

Apex is one of many battle royale games, like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone, which are hugely successful currently and don’t seem like they will lose popularity anytime soon.

This tournament will no doubt gain even more traction than normal due to the fact that NICKMERCS will be heavily involved.

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NICKMERCS hosting $50,000 MFAM Apex Legends Tournament

NICKMERCS, who has over six million followers on Twitch and four million subscribers on YouTube, has hosted an abundance of different gaming tournaments in the past, so he is no rookie when it comes to doing this.

This tournament is named the MFAM Gauntlet and has $50,000 up for grabs. We will see players have to go through two qualifiers to get to the finals. There will be a lot of players wanting to compete in this tournament, and no doubt they will be available to watch live on both YouTuber and Twitch.


The dates have already been confirmed for these qualifiers and the finals:

  • First Qualifier - Friday 22nd October
  • Second Qualifier - Tuesday 26th October
  • Final - Wednesday 27th October
Apex Legends MFAM tournament will be happening in October 2021


The format for these qualifiers is quite simple. There will be 80 players split into four lobbies with 20 teams in each lobby. They will play three games to determine the top five best teams and these five teams will advance to the next round. These top five teams from each lobby will then compete against each other in two games.

The teams will earn points based on how they place in the games and kills also matter a lot as ech kill gives you a point. Hopefully these will make the tournament quite exciting.

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