Riddle, Nikki A.S.H: WWE stars take on viral Squid Game challenge in hilarious TikTok

WWE Squid Game challenge

Since the popular new television series ‘Squid Game’ was released on Netflix, millions of viewers worldwide can’t stop talking about it. 

The South Korean drama isn’t just Netflix’s biggest ever debut series, pulling in 111 million viewers worldwide. It’s also a global sensation on social media. 

‘Squid Game’ has started a number of online challenges, mostly popular on TikTok.

The trends replicate the games shown in the series, and WWE is one of the latest to get involved.

In ‘Squid Game’, participants take part in a series of five children’s games – including tug of war and red light, green light – in a bid to win a huge cash prize. 

One of the games involves players attempting to cut a shape out of honeycomb within a time limit, in order to proceed to the next round.

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Hundreds of TikTok users have recreated this round and have gone viral with their hilarious attempts and parody videos. WWE recently posted its own version of the honeycomb challenge, featuring the likes of Nikki A.S.H, Riddle, and Cesaro.

Despite being spurred on by her Tag Team Championship partner Rhea Ripley, A.S.H was the only one to be unsuccessful in the challenge. 

Rick Boogs, Reginald, Cesaro, and Riddle all completed their tasks and successfully cut out their shapes. 

WWE fans are loving the video, which has accumulated more than 14,000 likes on TikTok and has been viewed just under 23,000 times on Twitter alone.

The Almost Superhero may not have what it takes to survive in ‘Squid Game’, but she is still the Women’s Tag Team Championship title holder and will continue her reign alongside Ripley.

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