WWE: When The Undertaker 'buried' Paul Bearer in cement


The Undertaker has been there and done everything there is to do in WWE

The Deadman is one of the most iconic superstar’s in the company’s history, performing on both Raw and SmackDown. 

With one of the best gimmicks in the history of the wrestling business, Taker has accumulated belts all over the shop. 

Undertaker is a four-time WWE Champion, a three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, a six-time WWE World Tag Team Champion and a one-time WCW Tag Team Champion. He also won the Royal Rumble in 2007. 

Now, there is speculation that he could be appearing at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia after appearing at a Pitbull concert in the country. 

So it’s well worth remembering one of the weirdest moments from his storied career. 

Back in 2004, Paul Bearer again appeared as The Undertaker’s manager, at WrestleMania 20 ahead of his match with kayfabe brother Kane.

That spring, Bearer found himself kidnapped by The Dudley Boyz in storyline – in real life, he needed to undergo surgery on his gallbladder. 

Ahead of the June 2004 edition of the Great American Bash, WWE booked a handicap match between the Dudley Boyz and Undertaker in the main event. 


There was an added wrinkle there, with Bearer encased in a glass “crypt” at ringside, with cement up to his waist – if Taker lost, he would be buried in the cement. 

Paul Heyman, who was working with the Dudleyz at the time, tried to convince Taker to lose the match so that Bearer would be buried. 

Instead, though, Undertaker won the match, as expected, and then took himself to the side of the crypt. 

There was a lever next to him, designed to allow the cement to flood the crypt, and Undertaker, inexplicably, pulled it, burying his manager. 

It genuinely appeared as though Bearer was, in storyline purposes, dead, and that Taker had committed murder. 

The next week, it was acknowledged on SmackDown that Bearer was alive but was severely injured. 

Bearer stayed on behind the scenes at the company until 2005, working primarily as a booking agent. 

He eventually returned in 2010, with his final appearance coming in 2012. Bearer sadly died in 2013 of a heart attack. 

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