WWE: When The Rock, Booker T & HHH tried to convince The Undertaker to do a Spinaroonie


Monday Night Raw remains the flagship show for WWE

We routinely see the biggest and brightest superstars go toe-to-toe on Monday nights and that was true back in the early 2000s too. 

Indeed, when the roster was stacked with the likes of The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H and Booker T, they would often hit the ring at the end of a show, after the televised main event, to send the fans home happy. 

That would often involve goofing around, and the heels would usually find themselves beaten down by the babyfaces. 

The majority of wrestling fans have seen clips of dastardly heels being hit by numerous babyface finishers, or Stone Cold Steve Austin dishing out the beers. 

Here, though, we thought we'd remind you of the time a bevy of WWE stars attempted to convince The Undertaker to hit the Spinaroonie, Booker T's most famous taunt. 

Of course, Booker makes it look easy, as he spins around and lands on his knees. When Booker does it, it looks cool. 

So in 2002, after a match in which Undertaker teamed with Goldust and Booker T, Booker hit the Spinaroonie as normal, and the crowd went crazy. Booker then got on the mic and, with Undertaker in the ring, told The Deadman that the crowd wanted to see an Undertakeroonie. 

He wouldn't go along with it, naturally, but he did crack a smile, despite refusing to do it. 


That led to The Rock's music hitting, and he came out to the ring to try to convince Undertaker to do it, insisting that half of the roster was waiting to see the Spinaroonie from Taker. 

Having again failed to crack him, Triple H came out, insisting that Undertaker didn't have the balls to do it, insisting that he himself would do it. And that's when Vince McMahon's music hit. 

That's right. The big boss came to the ring to tell Undertaker to spin. Vince was actually the first to copy Booker and try his own version of the Spinaroonie, with HHH telling him he was "officially, the whitest man on the planet". 

Triple H then hit it, only to walk into a chokeslam from Taker, with the vanquished heel team from the match then hitting the ring, and being run off by Taker on his bike. 

That led to him going backstage, and Vince looked genuinely upset that he didn't cave. 

There was still time for Rock to hit a pretty good looking Spinaroonie, then a spinebuster and the People's Elbow on Triple H. 

The fans that night got more than they bargained for here and it remains a real time capsule of a previous WWE era. 

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