Craziest save in football history? When Egyptian goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad went viral


Is Egyptian goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad responsible for the craziest save in football history?

We recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of another contender for that particular accolade.

Gregory Coupet’s unorthodox double save while playing for Lyon against Barcelona back in 2001 is, and always will be, one of the most incredible pieces of goalkeeping we’ll ever witness.

That clip pops up regularly on social media, and deservedly so, but lesser known is an equally remarkable save produced by Egyptian ‘keeper Mahmoud Gad from 2019.

Gad, playing for ENPPI against Pyramids, briefly went viral after pulling off a ludicrous save after heading the ball clear.

The Egyptian, who was 22 at the time, must have thought he’d averted any danger after heading the ball towards the halfway line.

However, the ball fell to an opponent, who couldn’t have hit a sweeter first-time volley.

Gad was forced to sprint back to goal while trying to keep his eyes on the ball at the same time.

Attempting the catch was too risky – he would have ended up in the back of his own net with the ball in his hands – so he somehow managed to parry the ball over the crossbar instead.

Video: Craziest save in football history?

You can watch Gad’s unbelievable save here:

Better than Coupet’s famous double-save? We’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Joe Hart’s save vs Wayne Rooney is similar

Gad’s save also brought back memories of a similar last-ditch save from Joe Hart during a Manchester derby between City and United in 2008.

Hart, who went up for a late corner, was almost caught up by a long-distance strike from Wayne Rooney but produced a remarkable recovery save from his England colleague.

While outfield players usually get all the glory, professional goalkeepers sometimes leave you speechless with their unique talents.

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