Lewis Hamilton: Briton discusses off-track relationship with Max Verstappen

lewis hamilton

Reigning Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has shed some light on his relationship with Max Verstappen off-track, as the pair prepare to renew their fight for the Drivers' title this weekend in Austin, Texas.

The pair have embarked on an epic fight for the championship this season and have had some high-profile incidents with one another, most notably at Silverstone and at Monza.

Indeed, such shunts could have had the potential to sour a relationship between drivers at the very top end of motorsport but Lewis has suggested that his and Max's has not changed from where it has been in previous years.

Hamilton, speaking ahead of the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, revealed that the two drivers are not particularly close but there is still a healthy respect between them, and things this season have not put a strain on their professional relationship:

"Not a huge amount to say.

"There is limited communication [with every driver,] I think maybe some of the drivers hang more than others do.

"I wouldn't say I particularly hang closely with anyone particularly here.

"Last year we would see each other at the track and we would say hi, we do the same this year. It's no different for me, personally."

hamilton verstappen

Hamilton does appear to be one of those drivers that likes to keep himself to himself rather than build any real closeness in the paddock, and that obviously goes for his approach to Verstappen as well as the other 18 drivers on the grid.

Lewis is far from the only one who takes such a stance, too, and if he feels it helps him focus on the task at hand - winning the championship - then you can hardly criticise his methods.

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