WWE Crown Jewel: Highlights of big title match show what a brilliant athlete Bianca Belair truly is

Highlights of big title match show what brilliant athlete Bianca Belair truly is

The women arguably stole the show in Saudi Arabia last night, as Becky Lynch retained her SmackDown Women’s Championship over Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks.

While Edge vs, Seth Rollins was match of the night for many, several fans on social media have stated that their favourite match was actually the fast-paced three-way for the Women’s title.

Despite not winning the match, fans can’t stop talking about Bianca Belair after the show, with taking to Twitter to say how the match proved how impressive of an athlete the WWE Raw star truly is.

Fans have uploaded highlights of the match and social media, and all anyone can talk about is how impressive Bianca Belair looked.

The highlights clip package, which lasts just under two minutes, features several crazy spots from Bianca Belair where the EST of WWE shows off her incredible strength and athleticism. 

The sign of a great match is where everyone in the bout comes out looking better than they did going in, even if they don’t end up winning, and that statement was especially true for Bianca Belair last night.

A particular spot that caught the attention of fans came towards the beginning of the match, where Bianca Belair gorilla pressed up with one arm, truly showing how special she is.

Fans have been quick to praise Bianca Belair for her performance, with one man even calling the former SmackDown Women’s Champion the “definition of power”.

If you didn’t manage to catch the show today, you can watch the event in its entirety, including the kickoff show, right now on-demand on the WWE Network.

You can watch the fallout to Crown Jewel on Friday Night SmackDown tonight and Monday Night Raw next week live over here in the UK on BT Sport.

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