Ian Wright mocking Robbie Savage after world class claims is hilarious

Robbie Savage claimed he was 'world-class' at times and Ian Wright couldn't handle it

A video has resurfaced on social media showing Ian Wright hilariously mocking Robbie Savage after the Welshman claimed he was ‘world-class’.

The two are heavily involved in the world of punditry these days, working on BT Sport, BBC Sports and ITV over the years, and both have big roles either in the commentary box or elsewhere.

Pundits do face a lot of stick, and many fans normally rush to social media to debate what they talk about, but there are also times when the pundits like to give each other stick, and this is something that football fans do love.

Savage normally loves dishing it out to other pundits, but this time he was on the receiving end.

Ian Wright mocks Robbie Savage in hysterical video

Ian Wright and Robbie Savage had very good careers, and they are now decent pundits who are working every weekend around the country.

The video resurfaced on social media, via popular app TikTok, and this app sees a lot of old football videos go viral.

The two were on the BT Sport show Fletch and Sav, and former Welsh international Savage was claiming he was world class in a game in which he man-marked Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola. Savage said: “At times, I was world class.”

Ian Wright made the pundits erupt into laughter

Clearly Arsenal legend Wright did not agree with this and he said one sentence which caused the rest of the studio, including Liverpool legend Steve McManaman, to erupt into laughter. Wright said: “So you just stopped them.”

You can watch the full exchange between Wright and Savage down below – the footage is hilarious!

Since then, we have seen the pair feature predominantly on our TV screens and Wright is now one of the main pundits on Match of the Day.

They haven’t been on TV as much together since, as Wright has stuck to BBC, while Savage has stayed on BT Sport, where he has a good rapport with Chris Sutton.

Clips like this are great and a bit of banter between pundits is definitely much-needed in order to keep football fans entertained.

No doubt there will be a lot more videos like this as we approach another footballing weekend which features some huge fixtures.

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