Ronaldinho's greatest skill? When Barcelona icon produced crazy touch and skill in warm-up

  • Kobe Tong

Ronaldinho is arguably the most entertaining footballer in history.

While the Brazilian might not boast the statistics to compete with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s good reason to think that people would pay just as much money to see him play.

Besides, regardless of whether he found the back of the net or laid on a goal, you could feel pretty certain that Ronaldinho wouldn’t go the entire 90 minutes without producing a moment of magic.

Ronaldinho: A footballing legend

The Barcelona legend could always be seen playing the beautiful game with a massive smile on his face and used some of the most unique tricks and skills that we’ve ever seen to beat opponents.

Whether it was his trademark flip-flap or even providing an assist with his back, Ronaldinho probably has more unique moments and techniques to his name than any other footballer in history.

However, if you think that in-game Ronaldinho was a beautiful sight to behold, then warm-up Ronaldinho will blow your mind because there are no holds barred before the first whistle sounds.

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Penchant for unique skills

What we mean by that is Ronaldinho could practise and perfect even more outrageous skills while he was warming up because he didn’t have to worry about, well, defenders wiping him out.

After all, as much as we’d like to imagine that Dani Alves and Messi could constantly exchange 40-yard volleyed passes in games as they do in warm-ups, that’s simply not how football works.

Nevertheless, we can still feel very thankful that one of Ronaldinho’s most breath-taking skills of all time, which – you guessed it – took place during a warm-up, was indeed captured on camera.

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Ronaldinho’s warm-up masterpiece

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the viral clip in which Ronaldinho – as identified by the Metro – sucks the soul out of either a teammate or member of the backroom staff with his insane skills.

In what appears to be his AC Milan days, Ronaldinho can be seen lumping the ball into the air, effortlessly controlling it with a mind-blowing first touch and then whipping out a ruthless flip-flap.

You really do have to feel sorry for whoever was on the receiving end of the Brazilian’s masterclass, so be sure to join the millions who have already watched the astonishing show of skill down below:

Oh my goodness me. Just imagine being that talented at football.

Imagine being that talented…

While, yes, the flip-flap nutmeg most certainly hoovered the footballing soul out of his club mate, it’s the superglue touch after launching the ball up in the air that always impresses me about the clip.

Just look at the sheer casualness of how Ronaldinho walks around having walloped the ball into the atmosphere, casually watching its trajectory before simply allowing it to land upon his football boot.


To then whip out a nutmeg with your signature skill? Uh huh, filthy and that’s all before he’s even kicked a ball in the game itself. No wonder he’s one of the most beloved footballers of all time.



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