Greatest Premier League assist? Luis Suarez's epic Liverpool dribble vs Man Utd in 2011

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Luis Suarez is one of the most talented footballers to ever appear in the Premier League.

In the space of just three seasons, the Uruguayan marksmen skyrocketed from Ajax’s star man to one of the most lethal goalscorers of the 21st century at Barcelona all thanks to Liverpool.

Besides, Suarez’s final season on Merseyside, in particular, is the stuff of legend as he boasted an outrageous record of 31 goals and 12 assists in just league 33 games without a single penalty.

Suarez’s Liverpool brilliance

It’s no wonder that Suarez was able to propel Liverpool into a Premier League title challenge and that Barcelona came knocking with a £64.98-million bid just a few months later.

However, long before Suarez became so unstoppable that an Anfield exit felt inevitable, he was still giving Kopites a glimpse of what was to come with special moments in his first two seasons.

It would be easy to look at Suarez’s paltry goalscoring tally of 15 Premier League goals during his first 18 months and think that he was miles away from the player who tore things up in 2013/14.

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Liverpool 3-1 Man Utd

But you’d be wrong because Suarez left plenty of clues along the way with his breath-taking assist against Manchester United just two months into his Anfield career proving the perfect example.

In a game best remembered for Dirk Kuyt scoring a hat-trick of goals within the six-yard box, it’s all-too easily forgotten that Suarez got the party started with an all-time great Premier League assist.

In fact, the whole reason that Kuyt’s opening goal was so close to the goal-line was down to the fact that Suarez had essentially done all the hard work for him with a breath-taking dribble in the box.

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Suarez’s epic Man Utd assist

In much the fashion we’ve seen from Mohamed Salah in recent weeks, Suarez left no less than four United players for dead before feeding the ball past Edwin van der Sar and into’s Kuyt’s path.

It really was an assist for the ages and if, like us, you went far too long without having paid homage to its brilliance, then be sure to check out the iconic moment down below:

Suarez really was different gravy, wasn’t he?

One of the Premier League’s greatest

Yes, he scored spectacular goals and yes, he brought controversy in abundance, but you can’t deny that he’s one of the closest players that we’ve seen to Lionel Messi in the Premier League.

And when you consider that he was cutting through Sir Alex Ferguson’s United like a warm knife in butter just weeks into his Liverpool career, it’s no wonder that he went on to become a world-beater.


So, sure, Suarez deserves a lot of the criticism that comes his way, but lest we forget that he is one of the greatest player of the 21st century and we were lucky to witness his talent on English shores.



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