Valorant Patch 3.08: Fans React To Accidental Jett Nerfs

Here's the fan reaction to Jett nerfs in Valorant

It was recently confirmed that Jett had received an accidental nerf in Valorant Patch 3.08, and now fans have reacted to the gameplay changes.

The actual change to the Agent was not listed as part of the Patch Notes for the new update, and fans have been reacting to the change online via social media and Reddit.

Here’s how fans have been reacting to the accidental nerfs for Jett in the latest update for Valorant.

Understandably, players who main Jett were extremely unhappy with the nerf, as the gameplay mechanic caused a significant change to the weapon pull-out time after using Jett’s Tailwind (E) or dash ability.

Some players however have been calling for Riot Games to leave the change in the game, as it may actually help to balance out the OP nature of the Agent.

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What Are Players Saying?

Noted Valorant leaker @ValorLeaks confirmed the issue following the release of Patch 3.08, and they asked their followers how they felt about Riot potentially keeping the change as part of the meta.

“No? Of course no” one player stated. “The time it takes to shoot after a dash is already long enough. If people die from an aggressive Jett dash, it’s not because Jett is OP, but because they can’t aim for sh*t even when they have the advantage.”

Another player would refute these claims, saying that the change may actually help to balance out the pick rate for the massively popular Agent.

They said: “Jett’s pick rate says otherwise. According to, her pick rate is 62.8%. [That’s] 3rd behind Sage and Reyna. (I believe these two agents should be nerfed as well. The goal should be a relatively even pick and win rate and these changes should even it out.”

Riot has already confirmed that the change will not be permanent, however, if the want for the change to remain is there they may well bow to player wishes and further look at how Jett could be more balanced in the game.

The actual change may not be coming until Patch 3.09, so players will have to wait sometime before Jett is fixed/broken again, depending on your preference!

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