Tyson Fury: Sylvester Stallone wants Gypsy King in next Expendables movie


The impact of Tyson Fury's knockout against Deontay Wilder was seen outside the boxing ring as well, as Sylvester Stallone now wants him to become a superhero of different sorts.

The famous 'Rocky Balboa' is a huge boxing fan himself and loved the way Fury and Wilder fought in the trilogy match in Las vegas.

The match had everything a Hollywood blockbuster would have, the energetic start, the breathtaking plot twists and above all the classic ending where the two warriors gave it all in the ring.

Following which Stallone thinks that Fury has what it takes to step into the world of acting.

He said: "Super congratulations to Tyson Fury for that incredible display of championship strength, guts and courage!

"It couldn't happen to a better guy. I think you have a fantastic career in movies. So, the next Expendables? Done deal."

Unbeaten Fury, 33, is thinking of retiring despite having one fight left in his contract.


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With Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Megan Fox reprising their roles for the upcoming fourth instalment of The Expandables, it seems highly likely that Fury will be insight for the fifth one.

It is also to be noted that Stallone was equally impressed by the dethroned Wilder, whose only career defeats were from Fury.

Leading up to the fight, Wilder acted much like someone with a candy rush.


From the constant whining after his first loss to claiming that Fury had cheated, to even telling that Fury faked his Covid-19 tests to delay the fight.

Such an attitude made him lose his respect in front of the boxing community. But he surprised everyone with the way he took up the fight to Fury.

While everyone thought that Fury was going to triumph easily, Wilder sent him down twice in the fight showing he still had it in him.

Praising his efforts Stallone said: "Tremendous respect to Deontay Wilder who proved to be a warrior on the night."

It would be a whole new thing to watch both the greats on the same side fighting evil on the screen.

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