Brock Lesnar delivered such a brutal F5 on WWE SmackDown Adam Pearce's trousers split

  • Zak Leech

Brock Lesnar was causing absolute carnage on SmackDown this past week after his defeat to Roman Reigns during their Universal Title match that took place on October 21.

Reigns managed to beat the eight-time WWE world champion with the Usos supplying support during Saudi Arabia’s historic ‘Crown Jewel’ event.

Yet, this only heightened the tensions between the two, with Lesnar vowing to destroy Reigns when the two next came face-to-face.

Lesnar announced: "The moment I arrive at SmackDown, I will beat Roman Reigns senseless."

Proving to be a man of his word, Lesnar returned to SmackDown just in time to interrupt Reigns' victory speech, with his arrival turning the crowd into pure bedlam.

Immediately, Lesnar threw the reigning champion and swiftly had ‘The Tribal Chief’ on the ground. After threatening Reigns’ manager Paul Heyman, Lesnar continued to strike The Big Dog with the ringside steel stairs.

The Usos made yet another appearance to help Reigns, much like they had previously, but like him, were quickly dismissed.



Despite this, Lesnar’s rampage was still not over. Anyone who approached him would be quickly thrown away, including officials, referees and even the cameraman before Reigns was escorted away from the ring and the chaos came to an end.

This was until WWE official Adam Pearce entered the stage to announce to a crowd of booing fans: "Brock Lesnar endangered the WWE Universe and that cannot happen. Due to his actions tonight, I am indefinitely suspending Brock Lesnar."

The Beast reappeared and made his way into the ring, grabbing Pearce by the collar, to the delight of fans, and forcing him to repeat his previous claim. As you can imagine, this did nothing to save Pearce from punishment.

Lesnar launched Pearce over his shoulders before giving him two F5s, with the result being an injured back, damaged dignity, but perhaps most surprisingly, a pair of torn trousers.

If anything, Lesnar’s antics only lit a spark in the powder keg of his feud with fellow Superstar Roman Reigns and will create a growing dialogue for this entertaining and manic rivalry.

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