Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Release Date, Trailer, Test Server, Battle Pass, Patch Notes And All You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 will be released soon

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is already being discussed by the gaming community and we have all the information regarding the release of this upcoming season.

Players are currently enjoying season 9 quite a bit, and this is due to the fact that a lot of Halloween themed content is being released.

Although this won’t happen for season 10, we do have Christmas around the corner so players are excited for just as much themed content to come out.

A new season brings about new characters, skins, weapons, updates and more, and it is a huge reason as to why the game still remains popular.

Here is everything you need to know about Call of Duty Mobile Season 10:

Latest News

16th November: We have revealed how you can download Undead Siege separately and for free.

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15th November: The weapon updates have been confirmed.

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9th November: A teaser has been officially revealed for COD Mobile Season 10 and it has got fans very excited.

3rd November: We have all the details around how to download the test server in the game.

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Release Date

Season 9 was released on October 23rd 2021, and season 10 is to be released on 17th November 2021.


The developers of Call of Duty Mobile always release a trailer showing glimpses of all the new content coming to the game in the season; however, this trailer has not been released yet.

When the trailer is released, we will show you here.

Test Server

Players will be happy to hear that COD Mobile revealed some content as the Season 10 Test servers for the Chinese version are currently live. These features are:

  • New Modes: Snowball Fight & Control.
  • New Function in the game: Players can now get the option to delete in-game resources.
  • New props and a new pistol, and gamers will also be happy to hear that Battle Royale Class and Scorestreak are going to be added.
  • Balance adjustment for some weapons.
Call of Duty Mobile should have some Christmas related content

Battle Pass

Every season brings about a new battle pass, and this is 100 tiers of unlockable content for players to use which includes characters, weapons and cosmetics.

Patch Notes

A new season means a new update, and season 10 will be a big one. When this update goes live, we will see patch notes, and these are important to read as they show everyone all the changes coming to COD Mobile. We will reveal these patch notes when they come out.

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