Formula 1: Red Bull asked for Mercedes suspension to be investigated

red bull mercedes

Red Bull reportedly asked the FIA to inspect Mercedes‘ rear suspension set-up between the Turkish and US Grands Prix, as the two teams fight it out for the Constructors’ title.

Just 23 points separate these two fine teams in the standings at the moment, with Red Bull enjoying a 1st and 3rd place finish at the weekend to help them close the gap by 13 points.

Certainly, the two outfits have exchanged blows almost as much as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, and they’ve also been quick to try and raise points about each other’s car at times this year in a bid to get the edge over the other.

Indeed, according to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull asked the FIA to take a look at Mercedes’ rear suspension which they felt might not be completely fair – though the report does state that there were no conclusive findings of any wrongdoing.

Formula 1 can certainly be a political sport when it wants to be and Red Bull and Mercedes have both tried to get the other team’s car impeded one way or another as both look for the advantage in the developmental race.

In this instance, though, Red Bull weren’t successful with the report in fact stating that Mercedes aren’t alone in the way they set their suspension up at the rear – so it seems like this one is a bit of a non-starter.

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