Fall Guys Season 6: Brand New Skins (Leaked)

Fall Guys Season 6: YouTube Video Leaks Skins

Fall Guys Season 6 will be on the way soon and a YouTube video has surfaced leaking some of the new skins coming to the game.

Season 5 is currently being enjoyed by a lot of the gaming community, and this has raised expectations for season 6, so there is a lot of pressure on the developers.

A new season is enjoyed by so many due to the fact that a lot of new content is released, including new skins for your avatars.

The gaming community is always looking for new leaks, so they will be excited by the skins leaked in this video.

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Leaked Fall Guys Season 6 Skins

The YouTube video comes from YouTuber Fall Guys Daily Moments, and has gone somewhat viral as it has picked up over 10,000 views.

The video is over 10 minutes long, but around two-three minutes in the video, you can see the new leaked skins.

The names of these skins have not been revealed yet, but we can see that there are cosmetics for hats and trousers, and one looks to be a present, whilst another is a pink monster.

The last one is hard to understand, but it looks like it could be the famous Sonic character Knuckles.

Have a look at a photo showing these skins down below.

Fall Guys Season 6: Brand New Skins (Leaked)

We have also got the full YouTube video, and you can see all 10 minutes of it in the video down below.

These three skins won’t be the only ones that come out during season 6 of Fall Guys, we will also be treated to a lot more in the battle pass as well as purchasable ones that will be available in the story over the course of season 6.

Hopefully we will get a lot of official information around the content coming out during season 6 very soon, as the developers haven’t really said much about the new season yet.

These three new skins should please the fan base as they are creative and unique, so no doubt many will be wanting to get their hands on the skins.

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