Khabib Nurmagomedov, Silva, Jones, Aldo, GSP: UFC fan names 'GOAT of every weight division'


In each sport, you’ll commonly find yourself being bias towards certain figures and have opinions on people’s characters, it’s natural.

Some sports fans display their passion in many various ways, for some people it's as if it's a family, whereas some go one step further, like football ultras, for example.

But there are also some people who prefer to sit behind a screen and post their views on social media. Through doing so, your audience is going to be a lot wider and instantly directed towards people that have common interests as yourself. It can be a dangerous game, as we all know with modern day society.

Within the American sporting scene, things like basketball, baseball, hockey and American football are sports which get associated often with this topic. But of recent years, MMA has seen a massive influx in its fan base, which carries a lot of conflicted views and opinionated characters.

But with so much money being waved around the sport, it’s no surprise that people’s interest is heightened, as is people’s outset on it all.

Its interest has circulated the globe, bringing in the likes of Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name just a few.

The UFC GOAT Debate

A recent tweet by @Diazarmy5 caused a lot of responses and controversy as he tried to name the ‘official GOAT in each weight class.'


It’s clear from the off that there could of potentially been a heap ton of bias behind his views due to the fact his Twitter bio scribes Diaz army - with this being in relation to the fighter Nate Diaz - but he’s surprisingly not featured anywhere on this list.

Of writing this article, the tweet has had 65 retweets, 13 quote tweets and 978 likes, with an account that has just above 100 followers, this is quite impressive.

But with it being opened up to such a large audience, there was a lot people had to say, especially with his misspelling of Khabib Nurmagomedov - changing the last letter of his name to a ‘g’ - the account sure did catch some eyes.

The tweet itself did spark up a lot of conversation, with a lot of people disagreeing, but also a lot of people agreeing as well.

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Amongst the comments, people were freely posting their own views on the account's bold statements. For example, responses like, "Everyone else on that list except Khabib has lost, one bad night doesn't define your career," are very thought provoking and engage people’s realisation, but it also puts Khabib on a pedestal in comparison to the others.

Whereas people saw faults in the original list, with a comment displaying even bolder views, "Marty for 170. Conor for 145 and DP closing in on 155 soon, Dustin has beaten better competition in my honest opinion that’s what matters at the end of the day, if he can manage to win the undisputed title he’s my 155 goat." Yet after the effort put into this, it got instantly shot down with someone coming back and saying, "Khabib had beaten Dustin. Your logic is flawed."

There’s not often a right answer to anyone's views in most cases and it is evidently seen, as people have jumped on the back of this and have begun to alternate the list to suit themselves.



Who would your GOAT be and how would your list look, and would you have the confidence to put your views out there to be challenged?

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