WWE Raw: Bianca Belair brutally attacks Becky Lynch ahead of title match

Bianca Belair Becky Lynch

The Raw Women’s Championship title will be put on the line next Monday when Bianca Belair challenges Becky Lynch for the belt.

In the latest instalment of WWE’s red brand, current champion Big Time Becks took to the ring to do some mic work after officially receiving the Raw title.

She and Charlotte Flair exchanged honours last Friday after both women were moved to the opposite brands in the WWE Draft.

Lynch addressed the crowd in her victory speech and declared she intended on picking up exactly where she left off before she took a 15-month hiatus last year.

“As The Man of the people, I know you don’t want to see Bianca Belair anywhere near this title,” Lynch said. “There’s a whole new crop of women here. You want to see me beat Rhea Ripley, you want to see me beat Liv Morgan.”

The Man’s segment was cut short as Belair’s entrance music played.

The EST of WWE was also drafted onto the Raw roster and she dropped in to deliver some home truths to the red brand champion.

“Becky, you only think you get what you want because you haven’t faced any adversity,” Belair said. “Besides SummerSlam, you have found every single way to slip away from me when we get in this ring, but all of that’s about to change.

“You see, because I beat Sasha Banks at WrestleMania, I beat Bayley at Hell in a Cell, and last week on Raw I beat Charlotte Flair. So technically, that earns me a rematch with the Raw women’s champion, which just so happens to be you.”

Lynch, who would be the final member of the Four Horsewomen for Belair to defeat, did not take the smack talk lightly.

After telling Belair to “get to the back of the line” to challenge her, The EST of WWE launched a brutal attack on her rival, sending her to the ropes where she repeatedly kicked her in the stomach.

Belair then launched Lynch over the announcer’s table before pummelling her with a Kendo stick until the champion retrieved her belt from the canvas and scurried away.

Big Time Becks accepted Belair’s title challenge and the two will face off for the red brand belt next Monday night on the next instalment of WWE Raw.

You can watch WWE Raw live each week here in the UK on BT Sport.

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