Man United: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's problems explained perfectly by 10-year-old girl

Man United

A video has gone viral of a 10-year-old girl highlighting exactly what’s going wrong at Man United right now.

The Red Devils suffered a humiliating 5-0 defeat at home to Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday –– which has led to calls for head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be sacked.

United’s defending was nothing short of calamitous and Solskjaer’s side found themselves 4-0 down by half-time.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo could come to the rescue this time around. The 36-year-old has saved United on a number of occasions already this season. However, he was kept quiet for the majority of the game.

United fans are understandably livid at the result, but one young supporter has hit the nail on the head.



Speaking on the United View YouTube channel, the 10-year-old highlighted the defensive problems the club are facing at the moment.

“Players at the back like Shaw. He used to get stuck in all the time, he used to be a brilliant player, but you don’t even know he’s on the pitch anymore,” she says.

“Even though we’ve got Sancho now, it’s like the players at the back are thinking we’ve got Sancho, we’ve got Ronaldo, we’ve got some of the best players in the world, so we don’t have to do any work –– they can just attack.”


The young girl also compared this season’s side to last year’s and emphasised how the team should be performing far better, given the quality of players they’ve brought in.

“We got to the Europa League final last year. Now we’re struggling to beat small little teams.

“It makes me feel embarrassed. We have had worse teams, like last year we had a worse team and we didn’t even have Ronaldo, but now we can’t beat small teams. I just don’t think we’re going to get better, because I don’t think they’re trying.”

Other supporters have been quick to praise the 10-year-old, with some even claiming she talks more sense than the likes of Gary Neville.

“No way that a 10-year-old has more ball knowledge than Gary Neville,” said one.

“Sweet kid. Knows what she’s talking about too. Love to see it,” wrote another.

Man United’s next game is away to Tottenham this Saturday. Whether or not Solskjaer will be in charge of that game, remains to be seen.

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