FIFA 22 FUT Draft: How To Enter And Top Five Tips

Revealing the best tips for FIFA 22 FUT Draft

Many in the gaming community love the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team game mode FUT Draft and we have revealed some top tips to try and help you win the tournament.

Ultimate Team is the most popular part of the FIFA franchise and has been a huge reason for its popularity and success over the last decade, and it is easy to see why as players can build squads and collect players.

The game mode FUT Draft is also another reason as to why so many players play Ultimate Team, and was definitely a great addition to the game.

This tournament is not easy to win, so we have helped players by providing some top tips that we think could help to win the tournament.

How To Enter FUT Draft on FIFA 22

Entering the FUT Draft is very easy and only takes a few seconds to do, just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Open up Ultimate Team on FIFA 22
  • Step 2: Click on FUT Draft
  • Step 3: Enter using either 300 FIFA points or by using 15,000 coins
  • Step 4: Begin your FUT Draft journey

Top FUT Draft Tips

1: Make sure you have 100 chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most important things in FIFA, but the way FUT Draft works can make it sometimes difficult to get 100 chemistry as you get the opportunity to play with some of the best cards in the game for free. Even if you get one of the best cards, make sure it is one that links up with the rest of the starting eleven. If they don’t, we recommend picking the player that suits the team.

2: Practice on offline mode

You can either enter FUT Draft online or offline, and if you are struggling online, it might be a good idea to give it a go in offline mode first.

3: Picking the right formation is key

You get given five formations to pick from, so make sure you pick a formation that suits the style you normally play in Ultimate Team. It is typically not a good idea to pick the formations with three at the back as you get overrun.

You have to win four games to win the FIFA FUT Draft Tournament

4: Always try to pick an Icon or FUT Heroes Card

Icon and FUT Heroes Cards are the best cards to pick in draft as FUT Heroes link up with a lot of players, and Icons can link up with everyone. So if one becomes an option you should definitely pick them.

5: Players from the Top 5 Leagues in Europe are easy to link

There is an abundance of quality in the top five leagues in Europe, and the FUT Draft typically gives you the most players from these divisions, so it would be best to make sure you are picking players from these divisions.

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