Yuumi Getting Nerf in League of Legends 11.22 Patch

Yuumi is getting nerfed again in LoL

League of Legends 11.22 will be released in early November and it has already been confirmed that Yuumi will be getting nerfed.

Riot Phlox confirmed on Twitter that there were going to be a number of changes coming to the new patch on Wednesday November 3rd, including some nerfs to Yuumi.

Here’s everything that we know about the nerfs that will be coming to Yuumi in the League of Legends 11.22 patch.

League of Legends Patch 11.22 will be one of the last patches to be released as part of the 2021 ranked season.

The annual pre-season will be starting in November 2021, and there are expected to be a range of changes added to the title ahead of the 2022 season.

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League of Legends

Why Is Yuumi Getting Nerfed?

The World Championship revealed a major issue with the Magical Cat, in that the character was far too overpowered and it affected the game’s meta massively.

Yuumi has been on a roll recently in terms of the character’s usage in the LoL pro community; the Magical Cat had a 53.3% victory rate at Worlds when she did finally make it through the draft selection process.

Riot has not confirmed exactly how they plan on nerfing the character, but it is likely that they will make this clear nearer the release of the 11.22 Patch.

Other changes have already been confirmed for the 11.22 patch that will be released in early November, including the release of the new Arcane skins, influenced by the new League of Legends Netflix series that is being released the same week as the patch for the game.

More elements of the title are expected to be changed ahead of the pre-season for the 2022 league, with Riot hoping to implement fixes to the meta ahead of the biggest season in the eSports calendar.

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