Goredrinker Getting Another Buff in League of Legends 11.22 Patch

Here's everything you need to know about the Goredrinker League of Legends item

League of Legends 11.22 Patch will be released very shortly and it has already been confirmed that Goredrinker will be buffed once again.

Goredrinker is one of the most controversial items in the game right now, and Riot decided to implement nerfs for the character as part of Patch 11.21.

It now appears as though the company are going back on these changes for the latest Patch, as they went “too far” with the changes to Goredrinker last time round as part of Patch 11.21 and they want to address those issues in the coming update.

The bruiser-build weapon has been absolutely dominating the solo queue for some time, and it also played a huge part in the 2021 World Championship.

Riot Games decided to nerf Goredrinker for that reason, but the company have now acknowledged that the changes they implemented have gone too far.

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Why Is Goredrinker Getting Buffed?

Riot Phlox took to Twitter to explain how the Goredrinker nerfs “overshot a bit, so [the LoL devs] are adding a tad more power back into it.”

Phlox admitted that the item “kinda sucks right now,” and has plummeted in power following the 11.21 patch changes.

He wrote: "Goredrinker nerfs overshot a bit so we're adding a tad more power back into it. Riven and Red Kayn were hit unusually hard by the Gore nerfs and we don't expect them to recoup much power with these Gore buffs alone."

Other changes have already been confirmed for the 11.22 patch that will be released in early November, including the release of the new Arcane skins, influenced by the new League of Legends Netflix series that is being released the same week as the patch for the game.

More elements of the title are expected to be changed ahead of the pre-season for the 2022 league, with Riot hoping to implement fixes to the meta ahead of the biggest season in the eSports calendar.

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More leaks and changes are expected to be revealed for the League of Legends 11.22 Patch that will be coming out in November, and we will update as and when these are made available publicly!

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