FIFA 22 Career Mode: Transfer Budget for Every Premier League Club

FIFA 22 Career Mode Transfer Budget For All 20 Premier League Teams

FIFA 22 has been thoroughly enjoyed by many since it was released earlier this month and we have revealed all the transfer budgets of every team in the Premier League in Career Mode.

Career Mode has been massively successful for most of the time that developers EA Sports made the FIFA franchise and in FIFA 22, the game mode evolved.

It is very important to know the budget of the club you want to play with when you start a Career Mode as you need to know how many players you will be able to sign.

The budgets of each club vary in price, and Newcastle United supporters may be disappointed to see that their club budget is still rather small despite the new takeover.

FIFA 22 Premier League Transfer Budgets

The team you pick depends on what type of Career Mode that you want to do. There are rebuild projects you can do, as well as a road to glory, or you might want to manage one of the giants and try and sign a bunch of superstar and world class footballers to try and conquer Europe.

Many FIFA fans will want to play as a Premier League side, either to play as the club they support, or to enjoy the sheer amount of quality in that division. With the Europa Conference League also added, there is a lot at stake to play for.

This list goes from the smallest budget to the biggest.

20: Brentford
Budget: £16,184,477

Brentford Badge

19: Norwich
Budget: £17,866,904

Norwich Badge

18: Burnley
Budget: £22,749,504

Burnley Badge

17: Crystal Palace
Budget: £26,682,360

Crystal Palace Badge

16: Newcastle
Budget: £28,573,510

Newcastle United Badge

15: Southampton
Budget: £28,902,228

Southampton Badge

14: Watford
Budget: £28,952,084

Watford Badge

13: Brighton and Hove Albion
Budget: £33,050,536

Brighton badge

12: West Ham United
Budget: £33,596,192

West Ham Badge

11: Aston Villa
Budget: £35,077,456

Aston Villa Badge

10: Leeds United
Budget: £39,148,368

Leeds Badge

9: Wolves
Budget: £39,409,140

Wolves Badge

8: Leicester City
Budget: £41,724,892

Leicester City Badge

7: Everton
Budget: £47,273,112

Everton Badge

6: Tottenham Hotspur
Budget: £65,629,592

Tottenham Badge

5: Arsenal
Budget: £78,433,032

Arsenal Badge

4: Chelsea
Budget: £100,814,848

Chelsea Badge

3: Liverpool
Budget: £115,838,352

Liverpool Badge

2: Manchester United
Budget: 163,630,432

Manchester United Badge

1: Manchester City
Budget: £184,432,112

Manchester City Badge

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