FIFA 22: Can You Get Relegated in FUT Rivals?

Here's what you need to know about FIFA 22 Rivals in Ultimate Team

Division Rivals is one of the best ways to get coins and rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but can you get relegated from your division?

Players are assigned a division to play in based on qualifying games against higher and lower level players to determine where they sit in the pecking order of gamers across the player base.

Here’s what you need to know about relegation and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Division Rivals.

As well as getting coins for winning matches, Division Rivals in FIFA 21 would offer players the chance to win packs and additional coins based on their ranking in a set period.

As well as climbing the ranks of Bronze to Gold and beyond, players would be set in a division level to ensure that every player was getting a level of challenge and the ability to strengthen their squads.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Can You Get Relegated In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Rivals?

EA made the decision to scrap relegation for Division Rivals in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and fans have been lamenting the decision on social media.

Some players feel like they’ve gone far too high in terms of levelling, and now they’re unable to even get a sniff at a victory in the game.

Gamers on the FIFA subreddit have even said that they’re dropping the mode altogether after suffering loss after loss.

One would reveal: “I think I’ve hit my peak in division 4. Stopped playing FUT, to be honest, and play career mode instead. Not worth the ball ache.”

Another Redditor would agree with the statement, but revealed that they actually found division 3 easier. They said “I had the same problem, I was in div 4 needing only 3 wins to get to div 3.

“I played like 5 games every day for 4/5 days, only had losses and was totally smashed, changed players and full squads like 3/4 times to try and win some, luckily I was able to get the 3 straight wins and get to div. 3 and I found div. 3 way easier.”

EA has not confirmed if they will be reverting back to the relegation system for the mode, but fans are certainly desperate to see it return.

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