Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Leaks Confirm Naruto is Returning

Here's everything you need to know about Naruto in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 began back in September 2021, but more major leaks are coming out for the current iteration of the game, including the impending release of Naruto.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the potential crossover between Fortnite and Naruto.

Now, further leaks seem to indicate that the popular anime character will be making an appearance in Fortnite shortly.

Concept artist sharktoofs1 first noticed a new Creative Coin being released shortly after the 18.30 Update went live, which featured Ramen.

It’s interesting that Epic Games decided to include that specific food item in the latest release, and it seems to indicate that the rumours surrounding Naruto coming to Fortnite are true.

Another leak points to Naruto being added shortly as well. A new scroll has been added to the game files that looks far too similar to the Naruto colour scheme and style to be simply a coincidence.

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Is Naruto Coming To Fortnite?

Noted Fornite leaker @HYPEX also confirmed that there were two tags added to the rumoured Naruto ID in the code for the game.

They said: “Now the Naruto ID has 2 tags, HeadbandK & HeadbandS. Could it be Kakashi & Sasuke?

“Also yes, Naruto collaboration IS happening. There's no way that Ramen & Ninja Scroll that got added today aren't his.

"’HeadbandK’ (Naruto) is also set to be a Boss on the map with the Mythic Kunais (check previous tweet), no idea where or when though.”

The final indication that Naruto is absolutely coming to the game is the inclusion of his Kunai, but the stats for the weapon have only just been leaked, again by @HYPEX.

They noted: “UPCOMING MYTHIC EXPLOSIVE KUNAI STATS! - Recharge Cooldown: 4s
- Maximum Range: 300 meters
- Delay Between Shots: 1.5s
- Hold Duration: 0.15s”

There’s no indication as to when Naruto will be added to the game, but it is expected that the anime collaboration will be part of Chapter 2 Season 8, therefore being made available publicly ahead of the new Chapter 2 Season 9 event in December 2021.

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