Brock Lesnar: New WWE NXT star Harland looks so much like 'The Beast' it's quite scary

Parker Boudreaux looks so much like Brock Lesnar

Fans can't stop comparing WWE NXT 2.0 star Harland to a young version of former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

Harland debuted for NXT 2.0 this month, setting up a partnership with the controversial Joe Gacy by attacking NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa.

Harland is perhaps better known as Parker Boudreaux, a former University of Central Florida football player who signed with WWE this year.

While less so now that he's cut off all his hair, fans have been comparing Parker Boudreaux to a young Brock Lesnar for quite some time now, and it's hard to say they don't look alike. 

Fans have been saying that Parker Boudreaux looks very similar to Brock Lesnar, particularly when Brock Lesnar first joined WWE back in 2002.

This is one of the reasons that fans seemed so invested in WWE signing the 23-year-old earlier this year, with many suggesting a feud with Lesnar would be on the cards.

As you can see below, fans seem pretty into the idea of a match between Lesnar and Boudreaux (now Harland), purely because of how similar the pair look.

As noted, while Parker Boudreaux still looks like Brock Lesnar in 2021, the similarities between the two WWE stars are even more clear when looking at pictures of Lesnar from back in 2002.

WWE will have been impressed with Boudreaux's career in football, but the fact he looks so similar to one of the company's biggest stars will surely have been a contributing factor to his signing. 

Parker Boudreaux WWE

WWE had Parker shave his head when he debuted on NXT 2.0 as Harland earlier this month, and while unconfirmed, some have speculated it could have been to stop fans comparing him to 'The Beast'.

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