FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Will Managerial Masterpiece be Returning?

Here's what you need to know about Managerial Masterpiece in FIFA 22

Managerial Masterpiece was one of the best modes of the FIFA 21 FUT Friendlies lineup, but will it be returning for FIFA 22?

FUT Friendlies is an ideal way to test out squads without having to cost games on player contracts, even meaning that you could have unlimited games with Loan items.

Here’s everything we know about Managerial Masterpiece and whether it will be making a return in FIFA 22.

Fans are desperate for EA to bring back the specialised FUT mode, as it is currently not part of the Friendlies lineup in FIFA 22.

One Redditor on r/FIFA outlined why they feel the mode needs to make a return. They said: “It was such a fun game mode, being forced to use a for instance max 77 rated squad, making squad building really fun.

“I remember finding my personal favourite low rated gold cards (Balde Diao, chip master of dreams) and sticking with them as long as the game mode were active.

“As for now, there are so many fun gold cards on the game that we're never gonna use as the power curve already has passed these fellas. Seriously EA, bring back Managerial Masterpiece!”

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Is Managerial Masterpiece Coming To FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

As of now, there is no indication that EA will be bringing back the popular mode for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

There is however a good chance that the mode could be reinstated, as EA does tend to like ‘recycling’ older modes to freshen up Ultimate Team overall.

Again on Reddit this was a point of discussion and fans do believe that Managerial Masterpiece is something that EA will bring back.

One user wrote on r/FIFA: “It’ll be back, they love to recycle content. Friendlies are horrific this year though so they’d have to be worth it.”

Another user guessed that the mode would be back alongside Milestone Objectives in FIFA 22. They said: “Hopefully it will be back for the milestone objectives, assuming they also return.
“I too enjoyed it as I collected a lot of players, it is one of the main aspects of FUT I like and got to use a nice variety for each league that utilised it.”

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