Most extreme golf hazard ever? Wendy Powick tee off interrupted in unbelievable clip

Wendy Powick kangaroos

The nature of golf can present a number of challenges for competitors even of the highest rank.

Heavy wind, large course obstructions, and even cart incidents are all too common when it comes to golfing obstacles.

But no one can prepare even the most experienced players for a surprise mob on the fairway.

And no, we aren't talking about a stray group of onlookers or a course invasion. 

Amateur golfer Wendy Powick was faced with perhaps the most unbelievable golf hazard during a match at Arundel Hills on the Gold Coast of Australia.

As the Aussie was about to tee off, she was met by a troop of kangaroos who had made their way onto the green and settled right in front of her.

Bewildered by the sudden gathering, all Powick could do was laugh at the absurd situation as about 20 roos bounded over and idled on the fairway.

The video, posted on the Sky Sports Twitter page, has been viewed more than 171,000 times. The replies range from amused golf fans, those completely astonished by Powick's lack of reaction, and completely unfazed Australians.

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After enjoying a short rest on the course, the kangaroos eventually moved on without causing too much of a fuss and Powick was able to continue to her match.

The Aussie explained that despite the course being in place, the area is in fact the kangaroos' home and golfers know they must be patient and "work around them" during sessions.

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