Will Sims 5 Be Available On Nintendo Switch?

Sims 5 could be made available for Nintendo Switch.

The Sims 5 has yet to be announced at this time but questions are already being asked regarding whether it will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

The Japanese handheld console continues to grow significantly in popularity and has been setting records right across the gaming industry as far as sales are concerned, with more and more franchises jumping on board and offering their titles on the system.

With this in mind, the latest social simulation game from Maxis and EA is the latest series that fans want to see move over to the Nintendo Switch, despite having not been available for the console for previous games.

This is due to the fact that the last game, The Sims 4, was launched back in 2014 and the Switch did not hit the shelves until March 2017.

Could this be the year where the Sims finally makes its way over to the Switch?

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Will Sims 5 Be Coming To Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing, no confirmation has been made by Maxis or EA at this time regarding whether The Sims 5 will be launched for the Nintendo Switch.

We believe that it is likely that the series will head down to this patch, simply due to the console's increasing popularity as mentioned above and we would be surprised if the publishers opted not to launch for the handheld device.

Looking at how The Sims 4 was launched, it took a few years until the franchise branched out from just a PC version and was released for PS4 and Xbox One also.

It could be that EA will do something similar with a possible Switch version if they were planning on releasing The Sims 5 for this device. Of course, this is purely speculation at this stage.

We will update this section of the article as soon as more information is revealed on this topic. Stick with us and be sure to come back when news breaks.


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