Kohli, Gayle, Smith, Buttler: Net worth of richest players at T20 Cricket World Cup


Cricket may not boast the global reach of football and boxing, among other sports, but the one thing it’s not behind in is money.

Once you’re in the major league in the gentleman’s game, it’s a matter of time before you’re bathing in currency – just, as is the case in any sport, some get to have a bigger share of the pie.

After all, there has to be an incentive if you’re among the best in business.

Now you’re thinking who are these players with vaunted treasuries and bloated pockets. Fear not, we have got you covered, thanks in part to the guys over at Cric Today, who have recently revealed the net worth of the richest players currently plying their trade at the T20 World Cup!

10. Quinton de Kock, Net Worth: $11 million

Kicking off the list, we have a South African. He may have made the news for the wrong reasons recently, but that doesn’t have to mean we impugn his ability. Mumbai Indians definitely don’t do that, paying him INR 2.8 crore, while the national team pays him $350,000. Endorsing brands lime GM makes up for the rest of his riches.

9. Jos Buttler, Net Worth: $12 million

An Englishman is next in this stacked list. England’s superstar batsman plays for the Rajasthan Royals and gets paid handsomely; INR 4.5 crore to be particular. The rest is taken care of pretty well by the England Cricket Board, seeing as he is one the country’s few all-format players. And all-format players have big banks.


8. Glenn Maxwell, Net Worth: $12 million

Big Show Maxwell made a big fortune at the IPL auction, being picked up for just the INR 14.25 crore by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Representing Australia in the limited-overs formats and T20 leagues elsewhere means that IPL is not all he has. Expect his properties worth INR 10 crore, investments worth almost as much and luxury cars valued at INR 7 crore to go further up.

7. Kieron Pollard, Net Worth: $14 million

West Indian who earns his bread as more or less a T20 specialist makes the list next, and as that, he gets INR 5.4 crore from the Mumbai Indians, which you’d think he uses wisely. He has personal properties valued at nearly INR 10 crore and owns cars worth almost as much.

6. Rohit Sharma, Net Worth: $22 million

Another player who you’d think should perhaps be higher. Maybe if he weren’t born in the same era as Virat Kohli, he’d be in the top three on the list. Nonetheless, he gets INR 7 crore for representing India, double that from the Mumbai Indians at the IPL and nearly half of it in endorsements. Add to that a house value at INR 30 crore and personal investments of almost INR 100 crore. Now that is quite something.

5. Steve Smith, Net Worth: $25 million


This is awkward. You’d expect one of the greatest of the modern game to be higher up in this list, but well, let’s not go into why he’s fallen behind, for he still has a lot on his platter, including INR 2.2 crore he gets from the Delhi Capitals in the IPL, luxury cars worth as much, a luxury designer house in Sydney and a host of other properties. INR 1 crore in brand endorsements isn’t too bad either.

4. Shakib Al Hasan, Net Worth: $35 million

Bangladesh isn’t exactly recognised for its cricketing riches, but their greatest ever player is an exception to that. Having been bought for INR 3.2 crore by the Kolkata Knight Riders at the IPL, it’s where he earns a majority of his riches. The cherries on the cake are spread over nicely by his national contract, the other T20 leagues and a handful of endorsements.

3. Chris Gayle, Net Worth: $35 million

The Universe Boss is up next. His monthly income stands at a remarkable INR 3 crore, adding up to INR 36 crore annually. However, that looks like a scanty figure once you look at his personal investments worth INR 183 crore and his real-estate property worth INR 22.9 crore. We haven’t yet mentioned the INR 2 crore he lands for endorsements.

2. Pat Cummins, Net Worth: $41 million


Another player who might just be the best at what he does. Cummins is one amazing bowler with an amazing track record. Of course, he isn’t as marketable as Kohli, but a prime example of what sheer quality can get you. And it got him INR 16 crore at the last IPL auction, which is part of the reason why he owns luxury cars worth just as much. That’s not it, though, the Aussie speedster also happens to own real-estate worth INR 20 crore.

1. Virat Kohli, Net Worth: $60 million

Arguably the best all-format player in the world and definitely the most marketable cricketer around. Kohli is a behemoth of the game and very rightly gets to have giant earnings, too. As someone with an A+ contract with the national team, he draws a salary of INR 7 crore, which is tripled if you add the INR 17 crore that his IPL franchise, the infamous Royal Challengers Bangalore, pay him. And there’s more. He charges a whooping INR 5 crore for every promotional post on his social media. Now that is a lot of money.

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