Stone Cold Steve Austin showed Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair how to exchange WWE belt properly


The Stone Cold era of WWE was something else.

He was a true icon of the game who had a fan following that few have come close to.

Anyone who grew up watching him or just simply happened to follow WWE at the time when he plied his trade would tell you that Stone Cold is not a difficult act to follow, he is an impossible act to follow.

This fact was further accentuated as a disastrous belt exchange took place between Becky Lynch, the SmackDown Women’s Champion and Charlotte Flair, the Raw Women’s Champion.

The pair were supposed to exchange their titles on Friday’s SmackDown after the pair swapped brands during the recent draft.

There had been reports concerning Flair, who was reportedly unhappy with the WWE’s script for the exchange because she felt it impugned her reign. The segment went ahead anyway, but instead of an exchange, it was a case of her throwing the belt for Lynch to pick it up.



Majorly awkward.

As you would expect, it ended up in a bust-up behind the scenes, as per the reports, with the security guards even having to intervene to escort Charlotte from the venue.

Such a damp squib of a belt exchange led to one Twitter user giving a massive throwback to when Stone Cold had to give over his winged eagle belt for the new WWE title.

He walks up with the swagger that’s only typical of him and then he meets his long-term foe Vince McMahon standing in the middle of the ring, so he simply snatches the belt from the man like it is nothing, before showing it off to the crowd.

It wasn’t the most gracious or pretty, but at least WWE got their script right and in accordance with his character. Arrive, raise hell and leave. It was a belt exchange nailed.

Keep an eye on Flair and Lynch, though, because things could get really interesting between them over the course of the next few months.

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