FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: Fans React To Ultimate Scream Name Being Dropped

Fans of FIFA 22 have reacted to the lack of Ultimate Scream this year

The FIFA 22 Rulebreakers promo has been confirmed for Friday 29th October and fans have reacted to the news that the ‘Ultimate Scream’ promo has again been dropped.

Rulebreakers made its first appearance in FIFA as part of the Ultimate Team in FIFA 21, with the Ultimate Scream mode taking a backseat.

The promo will likely produce some fantastic cards for players to pick up via SBCs, but some fans are lamenting the lack of an Ultimate Scream promo again in the game.

The reasoning for FIFA dropping both Ultimate Scream and FUTMAS certainty makes sense from an inclusion standpoint.

Having Rulebreakers and FUT Freeze certainly makes the game more relatable to players across the globe rather than those who recognise Halloween and Christmas as holidays.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate

Ultimate Scream Cancelled Again?

Gamers on the r/FIFA subreddit have reacted to the news that Rulebreakers will be returning instead of Ultimate Scream, and a number of them aren’t happy that the Halloween themed event is not making a comeback.

One user said: “So just no Halloween themed promo then..? That's a little disappointing if I'm honest. I also didn't really like the Rulebreakers promo last year, felt like a cheap way to give weird boosts. That's just my two cents on this promo”

Another user would be a bit more direct in their hate for the Rulebreakers promo, saying “Urgh. F*ck rulebreakers IMO. Scream was a much more unique promo. Bring back cool stuff like Movember too. Rulebreakers could’ve come later, before TOTY but after FUTMAS.”

The Rulebreakers cards should be giving players the opportunity to use some of the best players in Ultimate Team but in a slightly different way.

Harry Kane was a notable card from last year’s promo, with the Tottenham striker getting a bump from 68 pace on his normal gold card to 91 as a Rulebreaker, meaning you could play with the striker in a completely different way in-game.

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