Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul: Maverick lashes out & slaps reporter for 'p***y' question


Logan Paul has got himself into a bit of controversy after clashing with a reporter outside popular LA nightclub Nightingale.

The Maverick was interacting and signing autographs for fans when one individual asked him: “Are you gonna fight Mike Tyson? Are you a p**** or what?”

Paul, clearly taken aback by the question and the comment, reacted by pushing the young man and then slapping him.

YouTuber and podcast co-host Mike Majlak, who was present at the time, also pushed the individual, calling him a ‘f****** a******’, before restraining Paul and trying to keep him cool in the situation, probably knowing that cameras are around.

Paul is seen smiling throughout almost the entire incident, but it’s very evident that he was triggered by the comment, as you would be.

Fans are divided over the altercation with many criticising Paul for attacking the young man.

One wrote: “Looks like they’re attacking a woman or tall child TBH. Terrible,” while another commented: “Anyone who thinks he did the right thing can’t handle criticism. If someone doesn’t like you, move on.”

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There are also people who, while not lauding Paul, are of the opinion that the young guy should not have said what he said, with one fan commenting: “Fair enough, they insulted him and now they’re upset he responded? What was the point of picking up a fight with him then?”

Paul’s last fight was an exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather back in June and his next opponent is reported to be Mike Tyson in February.

So far, no official announcement has been made, but there’s a fair chance of that happening.

When asked about the possibility of a fight against the YouTuber-turned-boxer, Tyson said: “Maybe. I’m an old man, you know? I don’t know what I could do now.”



An exhibition fight between Paul and Tyson could well gain a lot of viewership from fans as many would tune in to see the latter in action.

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