Wayne Rooney WWE: When Man United legend turned up on Raw and surprisingly got physical

Man United legend Wayne Rooney turned up on WWE Raw and got physical

Wayne Rooney may be best known as being one of the best strikers in Premier League, but WWE fans may remember the 36-year-old for his appearance on Monday Night Raw.

Wayne Rooney, who has played for the likes of Man United and Everton, is widely recognized as one of England’s best-ever strikers, made a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw in 2015.

As part of one of their tours of the UK, WWE headed to Manchester for the November 9 episode of Monday Night Raw in 2015, and asked Wayne Rooney to come down and sit in the crowd.

Rooney wasn’t content with just being a spectator, with WWE having the Englishman slap Wade Barrett after the pair had a spat on Twitter earlier that year.

Barrett decided to start poking at Rooney while cutting a promo on the show, saying that while he didn’t want to embarrass Rooney in front of his son, he did that every time he played football.

It was the mention of his son that upset the England striker, who decked Barrett with a surprise slap to the face.

It wasn’t too surprising to see Wayne Rooney at the show, as WWE often invites local sports stars or celebrities to shows, but it was surprising to see WWE have him get physical with one of its stars.

The segment didn’t actually lead to Wayne Rooney appearing on WWE TV again, but now he’s retired from football and is focused on his job as Derby County’s manager, the door could be open for him to get physical in a WWE ring again.

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