Vince McMahon: WWE Chairman visited Saudi Arabia this week for businesses meetings

Vince McMahon visited Saudi Arabia this week for WWE businesses meetings

Vince McMahon, at least according to reports, took a trip back to Saudi Arabia this week for "business-related" reasons.

WWE was in Saudi Arabia for its Crown Jewel pay-per-view last week, but Vince McMahon returned to the country this week, as reported by Dave Meltzer.

Rather than staying in Saudi Arabia after the show, Vince McMahon returned home to the US, and then came back to Saudi Arabia for business meetings.

Vince McMahon always planned to go to Saudi Arabia, come back to the US, and then return to Saudi Arabia for business, so it wasn't exactly a sudden thing. 

Vince McMahon went back to Saudi Arabia this week. This was not a sudden thing as McMahon had planned to fly over for the show, return home and then go back the next week for more business-related discussions

There is no word on what these "business-related discussions" entailed, but you have to suspect they were linked to the events WWE is going to be putting on in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

For what it's worth, WWE announced a full schedule for pay-per-views in 2022, and it's believed that events in Saudi Arabia will be taking place in February and October.

WWE Crown Jewel has been lauded as one of the company's best pay-per-views of 2021, and arguably its best Saudi Arabia show in the company's history.

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