League of Legends 11.22 Patch Notes: Vi Getting Major Buff

Vi is getting a major buff in League of Legends 11.22

Vi is one of the longest-serving characters in the history of League of Legends, and she is getting some major buffs as part of the 11.22 patch.

The Piltover Enforcer has not had much in the way of changes since she was released at the end of LoL Season 2. However, Riot Games have decided to finally implement edits to the character.

Vi's kit has needed a change for quite some time, with the champion's abilities and loadout becoming more outdated with every passing update for the biggest eSport in the world.

The changes coming to Vi coincide with the release of Arcane on Netflix, the new League of Legends animated series that looks to bring more eyeballs to the ever-growing and massively popular title.

August ‘August’ Browning, a Champion designer at Riot Games, revealed what buffs Vi would be getting as part of the 11.22 patch.

The actual buffs will not affect the numbers of the champion, but they appear to try and make Vi 'smoother' to use after 9 years without a major update.

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League of Legends Arcane

Vi Getting Buffs In League of Legends

Browning noted on Twitter that Riot wanted to make these changes to Vi as the Champion had not been altered for nine years. He said: "Vi was made 9 years ago. The ways we could script things back then were quite restrictive. She was also my first champ, so I wasn't that great at scripting to begin with."

The Riot Games designer also confirmed what some of the changes would be, saying: "We have some Vi changes in the upcoming patch that should improve Q and R consistency."

Here's the full list of buffs that Vi will be getting as part of the 11.22 update for League of Legends:

Q: Vault Breaker

  • Knockback duration: 0.7 seconds >>> 0.75 seconds
  • Dash range now extends up to 50 units when going over a wall
  • Distance traveled and damage dealt are now based on exact channeling time instead of every 0.25 seconds
  • Targets will get knocked back immediately upon contact with Vi
  • This allows her to hit people she flashes on during the dash

R: Assault and Battery

  • Knockup duration: 1.25-1.49 seconds >>> 1.4 seconds
  • Both the target’s knockup and Vi’s self-stun during her ult animation now have consistent durations rather than varying between casts
  • Vi’s ult knockup will take effect once she is 300 units from her primary target instead of varying between 0-300 based on 0.25 second intervals
  • Nearby enemies in Vi’s ult path will get knocked back immediately upon contact with Vi.

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