Michael Owen's Soccer Skills: Liverpool man smashed volleys at a 13-year-old on programme

Michael Owen volleys at Jamie in Michael Owen's Soccer Skills

Michael Owen once continuously smashed volleys at a 13-year-old kid from six yards.

Yes, seriously.

Owen burst onto the scene in the mid 1990s, making his debut for Liverpool at the age of just 16.

By the time he was 19, Owen had already established himself as one of the best strikers in world football.

The Englishman was so good at such a young age that, while he was still a teenager, he was the star of a TV programme designed to teach the public how to become an elite level striker.

The programme was called Michael Owen's Soccer Skills and was broadcast on BBC.



In truth, it's a good watch. Owen was incredibly talented and effectively managed to share his knowledge with the youngsters in attendance.

But there are a couple of segments of the show that now look very odd - one of which was when he was showing how to volley the ball.

Owen positioned himself on the six-yard line and proceeded to pelt volleys at a youngster called Jamie, who was just 13, for 45 seconds.

View the footage below...

After smashing his first volley into the corner, Owen says with a beaming smile on his face: "You had no chance there, kid."

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Owen continues to score with ease. In a voiceover he says: "I just love volleying. Poor old Jamie has no chance."

Jamie didn't even try to save Owen's shots. Why he was made to stand there, we will never know.

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Fair play to him for doing so, though.

Owen then let the kids in attendance have a go and they then took turns to smash the ball at the goalkeeper themselves.

Another segment from the show, which has been widely shared over the years, shows Owen scoring time and time again when one-on-one with Jamie.

After exuberantly celebrating another goal, Neville Southall, who was coaching Jamie, sarcastically responded: "Well done, he's 13."

Over 20 years on and these two segments of the show just look plain bizarre.

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