Conor McGregor owning Urijah Faber with golden insult will forever be funny


Conor McGregor will always be known as one of the greatest trash talkers in MMA history, especially when he could get into his opponent’s heads before a fight.

More often than not, Notorious had won the fight before he even stepped foot inside the Octagon, especially during his early days.

One of the best trash-talking moments from the Irishman's glittering book of trash-talking was when he insulted Urijah Faber and his chin.

This was during an episode of The Ultimate Fighter where McGregor and Faber were on a panel with  answering questions.

A certain line from the Irishman is still being talked about as one of the best insults in MMA history.

Faber asks the UFC president and McGregor where the ring girls are at ahead of the show’s preliminary fights.

The Irishman quickly replied with the sensational line: “You should walk around with a card and shake that chin.”

As White and McGregor were in hysterics, Faber didn’t seem too impressed and looked like he was lost for words.

Faber’s chin has been a worldwide sensation and a known meme in the world of MMA. He even made a parody to The Weeknd’s hit single “Starboy” titled “My Butt Chin Can Twerk” back in 2017.

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How did this start? Well, let’s just say Faber was already being spoken about for the wrong reasons, as during his fight at UFC 199, his butt was exposed which caused the internet to go crazy with comparisons to his chin.

Faber said this regarding the incident: “There’s no shame in my game.



“The best things were the memes with my chin and my butt matching. It’s hilarious. I actually posted it on my Instagram.”

The more and more we re-live this situation, the more we realise it will never get old.

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