Corey Bellemore breaks world record at Beer Mile World Classic 2021

  • Alex Batt

We don't know about you, but because of the lockdowns that we've gone through due to the Coronavirus pandemic, things have gone one of two ways.

We've either decided to get fit and healthy by taking up running or some other form of exercise, or we've turned to the bottle to get us through and we've consumed more alcohol than we normally would.

Well, for one man, he's decided to combine the two and he's done it in style.

He goes by the name of Corey Bellemore and he's set a new world record for running and drinking at the same time.

Sounds like pure hell to me, but for Bellemore, it's clearly a skill.

So what does running and drinking at the same time actually mean?

Well, there's a race where you have to run one mile but also consume four bottles of alcohol along the way as well.


No seriously, this is an actual thing.

Taking part in the Beer Mile World Classic 2021, Bellemore set a new world record when he managed to complete the event in four minutes, 28 seconds.

To run a mile in under five minutes is a stunning achievement, but to do it whilst also downing four beers is absolutely ridiculous.

Unsurprisingly, A LOT of competitors were sick during the event, but for Bellemore, it was a day to remember.

In the above video you can watch the entire event if you wish, but we've started it at the men's final, so you can straight away see Bellemore's ridiculous and amazing achievement.

So how about it? Fancy giving it a go in 2022?

You have a year to get fit in order to run the mile and a year to get your booze on to practise chugging four beers as fast as you can.



But for now, Corey Bellemore, we salute you and your world record!

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