WWE: Triple H once saved Stone Cold Steve Austin from fan attack in the ring


Misconceptions are easy to make.

It is a fact that wrestling is fake, but people seem to forget that the Superstars that participate in this sport are athletes, and the majority of the time they are bigger and stronger than regular human beings.

Funnily enough, a fan discovered this the hard way once upon a time.

In 1998, while WWE were on a European tour, they had a show in Berlin, Germany.

During that period of time, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the top man in the company and had just taken the title from Shawn Michaels.

Austin had just ended the match in question by hitting both Chyna and Triple H with the Stone Cold Stunner, securing the win with a pin.

The match was over and everyone was cheering on The Rattlesnake; everyone except a fan who jumped the barricade and rushed at Austin, that is.

The scenes that followed were intense and pretty incredible.

Triple H gave the fan a German Suplex followed by a stream of punches and then, much to the surprise of many, the referee Mike Chioda also put in some kicks to the head and kidneys.

It truly was a crazy moment in the life of WWE and their Superstars.

It should be noted that in wrestling, heels and babyfaces are rivals. Austin was a babyface while Triple H was a heel. In that storyline, Triple H, the bad guy, would not normally be helping out the good guy no matter the situation, especially after they just fought.


In 2013, on his podcast 'The Steve Austin Show Podcast,' Austin talks about this moment, saying: “I was wrestling Triple H, and Chyna was ringside, and after I stun Chyna and get the 1, 2, 3 on Triple H, a fan hits the ring and tries to attack me.

“Triple H had his eyes open just like a shark laying there. I thought the fan was one of the boys because way back in the day after a match, after a house show, we’d come out from the back and jump in there and take guys finishers as a rib!

“This wasn’t a rib; it was a fan who was at ringside who happened to be a Triple H and Chyna fan and was not very happy that Stone Cold Steve Austin had given him a Stunner and got the three count.”



Austin then went on to thank Triple H for helping him out, stating: “Triple H, stand-up cat, he picked that dude up, slammed him and started punching his lights out. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t help beat the guy up. I’m the babyface, but Triple H was watching my back and he beat the snot out of that guy." 

Stone Cold couldn’t join in the beating because that would have been out of character, but he said he thought it was “hilarious.”

It’s fair to say that you should not attempt to fight with a massive wrestler no matter what.

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