Rey Mysterio: What does WWE legend look like unmasked?

Rey Mysterio unmasked in 1999

Rey Mysterio is best known as the mask-wearing luchador in WWE, but the 46-year-old shocked fans several years ago by unmasking himself on pay-per-view.

Back in February 1999, Rey Mysterio teamed with Kanon to face Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a mask vs. hair match at WCW Superbrawl IX.

Mysterio and Kanon ended up losing match, and as the stipulation stated, Rey Mysterio was forced to unmask in the middle of the ring. 

This is widely regarded as one of the most famous and iconic unmasks in wrestling history, particularly in the US, and the image of Mysterio without his mask still doesn’t sit right with many.

While heels have attempted to rip off Mysterio’s mask in matches, this was the first and only time Mysterio took off his own mask and showed his entire face on TV/pay-per-view.

Rey Mysterio would go on to wrestle without a mask for the remainder of his time with WCW, right up until WWE (then WWF) bought the company in 2001.

Mysterio joined WWE the following year in 2002, with Vince McMahon insisting that Rey Mysterio start using his mask again now that he’d signed with his promotion. 

Rey Mysterio’s masks are often top sellers at WWE events, so it seems like Vince McMahon made the right call in asking the former WWE Champion to put his mask back on after signing. 

Rey Mysterio is arguably the wrestler that fans will think of first if you bring up a masked luchador in US wrestling, so it still shocks fans to this day, 22 years after the fact, to see Mysterio without his mask.

Some have speculated that Rey Mysterio could pass on his mask to his son Dominik in a storyline down the line, so potentially we’ll also see him unmask on WWE TV in the future.

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