FIFA 22: Twitch Streamer Makes Hilarious Mistake During FUT Champions That Will Make You Howl

NerdFire made the sort of mistake that would make other players shudder in FIFA 22 FUT Champs.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions never fails to bring out a good laugh or two over the course of a weekend, and the last one was no different.

Beginners, casuals and elite players across the globe have been getting to grips with Ultimate Team (FUT) over the weekend in a bid to earn those lucrative red rewards by climbing the ranks.

Those individuals that managed to qualify this weekend were battling it out with each other to accumulate victories and points in order to climb up the leaderboards.

On occasions, some players will provide you with free victories by putting the ball into their own net and quitting to complete their games quicker.

However, one such event took place which provided a hilarious mistake that Twitch managed to capture.

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FIFA 22 FUT Champs

Shared by UniqueRiggers on Twitter, the moment was captured on Nerdfire’s Twitch stream when an opposing player was offering him a free victory. But unfortunately, he quit out of the game himself which meant that he registered a defeat to his record.

We are guessing that this is probably a habit he has picked up, but check out the incident below here.

Whether Nerdfire is used to quitting halfway through a match, or handing out free wins himself, it meant that he would ultimately end up being three points shorter of where he would have liked to have ended up this week, with players picking up four points for a win and just one for a loss.

Nevertheless, it did make us laugh and we are sure it is something that he will never do again, that’s for sure!

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