Valorant Episode 3 Act 3: Fans Prefer Leaked Deadeye Moniker To Official Agent Name Chamber

Fans have reacted to the name Chamber for the new Sentinel Agent

Fans have taken to social media to compare the previously leaked Deadeye name for the new Valorant Agent which has officially been confirmed as Chamber by Riot Games.

The leaks for Deadeye had been around for months, with fans expecting the new sniper character to take that moniker before Riot Games officially confirmed that the new Sentinel would be named Chamber.

It’s fair to say that the majority of the Valorant player base actually preferred the Deadeye name, which had been in the game’s code for quite some time and leaked by some of the top names in the Valorant community.

Notable Valorant leaker @Valor_Leaks posed the question in a poll on Twitter, asking the Valorant player base and his followers which name they preferred between Chamber and Deadeye.

As of writing, a huge 54,325 votes had been cast, with the overwhelming majority picking Deadeye as their preferred moniker for the new Agent.

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Valorant Deadeye

How Fans Reacted To Deadeye vs Chamber

Interestingly, the actual comments on the poll tell a different story, with fans of the massively popular eSport title noting that Chamber actually has “class” and “quality” to the name rather than the “overused” Deadeye moniker in shooting games.

One would note: “Deadeye is badass but Chamber has class. And honestly classy is more of his style anyway (even though I voted for deadeye anyway).”

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Another would write how the name Chamber feels a lot more “fresh” in terms of a character name in an FPS title. “Both names are really good tbh. I think Chamber is slightly better though. Deadeye feels more like a stereotypical ‘video game sniper’ nickname, whereas Chamber feels a lot more fresh.”

There is a chance that Riot will add ‘Deadeye’ as a nickname for Chamber, but at this point, it looks like Valorant will be running with Chamber as the new name for their latest Agent in the game.

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