UFC 268: Footage emerges after Colby Covington accuses Kamaru Usman of cheating in first fight


There’s only one thing on every UFC fan’s mind right now and that is Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington 2 this weekend.

Having already faced each other, back in December 2019, the two are raring to be back in the Octagon together in an attempt to establish supremacy.

While for Usman it is a case of defending his welterweight belt, and going 2-0 over the American after stopping him first time around, for Covington it is much more than that just the title.

It is about regaining his lost glory and pride, which he implies he lost unfairly at UFC 245 a couple of years back.

Covington claims to have been hard done by, accusing the Nigerian of cheating his way to a win.

He said: “I kicked him in the liver and they called it a nut shot. I had him on the wobbly street with the high kick and he’s faking the eye poke on the right eye when it barely grazed his left eye so we know he’s a terrible actor.”

In the latest episode of Countdown, released by the UFC ahead of the event, Covington discussed the first fight in depth, and went into detail about the two controversial moments.

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If you watch from 11:18-11:43 and 12:08-12:17 in the above video, you can see the American discuss the ‘eye poke’ and the ‘nut shot.’

And as you can see from the video posted down below, he is not exactly making wild accusations.

Then again, who are we to decide and what do we know? This is what the officials are there for and if they can’t spot something that is pretty clear to anyone with an eye, maybe it did not happen.

Whatever the case, what is sure is that Usman will have to be at his very best if he wants to walk away with the title on his shoulder.

Covington may have been out of action for some time, but he is the #1 welterweight for a reason.

And as he himself says, it has been a while since the two fought and a lot has changed in that time.



“Now we get to see the evolution of our games.

“It’s been two years since we first fought. He’s at a new camp, I’m at a new camp. I have great new energy around me, great coaches.

“I just know this is my destiny. I will be the UFC undisputed champion.”

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