FIFA 22: Metacritic score a month after release is appalling


One month since its release, FIFA 22 has received its Metacrictic score and let’s just say EA might want to cover their eyes with this one.

The Canadian-based company have received a score of just 2.6, with 165 negative comments regarding the game out of a possible 219.

Forty four positive comments were made, however, with one gamer saying: "The best FIFA game after 17. Way better than eFootball. You should try this one."

Whilst we have made comments on eFootball, it’s clear to say that FIFA has outsmarted and won that rivalry this year.

Moving on, though, the negative comments, which were plastered on the page, were the subject to major issues with the game, with most people commenting the usual "same game, different year."

One reviewer said: "Horrible game, full of so many glitches. Gameplay is slow, defenders unable to tackle. Terrible game with disappointing field and gameplay textures."

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One specific gamer had a lot to say about the game, as they posted: "Same game, different number. They should make this a free to play game not worth the 60-70 bucks.

"As well as the PS4 game. the PS5 game is just as bad. And IMO both versions should play the same, but it actually doesn't. I have given back my game and I am never going to buy FIFA anymore.

"There are a lot of stupid streamers for this game which are actually more in the menus of this game (brainlessly buying FIFA points and wasting their money) than actually playing this game.

"It is a casino and this game should be banned."



As a player of the game itself, I agree with the FIFA point system.

You end up spending a tonne of money and you're not actually guaranteed a half decent player.

Countries like Belgium and Holland have banned FIFA points as it is considered as a form of gambling, so maybe some more countries should follow suit.

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