Great News as video game FIFA Sign Huge 10-year Deal

Great News as video game FIFA Sign huge 10-year Deal

Huge news has surfaced revealing that the video game FIFA has signed a 10 year deal extension with FIFpro, and this is good for the gaming community and lovers of the game.

There has been a lot of news around this franchise lately, as it has been revealed that the game developed by EA Sports will most likely not be called FIFA.

Players are currently enjoying FIFA 22, and in particular Ultimate Team. It is always a big hit for all who have the game.

This recent news is not just huge for the present, it will also reveal a lot about the future of the very popular football gaming franchise.

FIFA Sign 10 Year Extension Deal with FIFPro

FIFA has had barely any competition when it comes to other successful football games. Pro Evolution Soccer was successful for a period but it never worked out and their revamped game eFootball has not worked as intended.

There are some new football games due to be released soon, like UFL, and this is the first time in a while we have seen other developers try to compete in the football gaming market.

We have seen an issue in the last few FIFA’s and that is the fact that they have been losing the rights to use the names of some of the teams in the game, like Juventus, whilst the whole Brazil squad is full of fake players. This isn’t good news, especially when these names are going to other competing games. 

The latest news however is definitely very positive for the franchise as the FIFA video game series has signed a 10 Year extension with FIFpro. For those who do not know. This entitles them to use all professional football players authentically. It doesn’t entitle clubs.

Many love the game of FIFA due to the fact that you can play as your favourite players. Therefore to know that this feature won’t disappear is great news. Hopefully they will also be able to sort out the issue of team names as well so that we can have the full realistic experience when we are playing the game.

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