Huge Update Size Confirmed For Apex Legends Season 11

Huge Update Size Confirmed For Apex Legends Season 11

Apex Legends Season 11 releases today and the update size for this new season has been revealed.

The new season, named Escape, is exciting a lot of the gaming community as it looks to be bringing more content to the game than ever seen before, including a new legend and weapons.

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Seasons are a huge part of the gaming world these days, with many popular and successful developers using them in order to make games maintain their popularity.

There are a lot of expectations from Apex players when it comes to the release of season 11, and Respawn will no doubt meet the expectations.

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Update Size For Apex Legends Season 11 Confirmed

When it comes to new seasons in games, players on console and PC will have to update the game in order to get their hands on all the new content.

The big worry for those who play Apex Legends is how big the update size will be as it might make them have to delete other content.

The update is of a fairly big size, and although this might be frustrating. It is quite a good thing as it means that a lot of new updates and content will definitely be coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 11 will see a new Legend released

The update for Apex Legends Season 11 Escape is approximately 43GB and if you cannot see it, then check for the update in your downloads or notifications and it will be there. This update size looks to be the exact same for both Playstation and Xbox.

This update might take players a little bit of time to download, so make sure you have a good wifi connection. To make the download go a bit quicker, make sure that you are not downloading any other updates or games at the same time.

The minute you complete the update, Apex Legends will be available to play, so be sure to get it updated quickly and unlock the battle pass straight away so that you can work on unlocking the 100 tiers of rewards.

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