Braun Strowman: Former WWE Superstar Adam Scherr looks absolutely massive at 351lbs

  • Zak Leech

This week, the ‘Beef King of Meat Castle’ Adam Scherr took to Instagram to share an image of himself sitting at a whopping 351lbs.

That is 25 stone if you prefer looking at it like that!

More commonly known as his former WWE ring alias Braun Strowman, the former Superstar updated followers by showing off his hulking physique, and it's safe to say he's looking in unbelievable shape.

Scherr rhetorically jested asking: "Do I start cutting yet? Or do I keep growing?

"Sitting at 351lbs after 18 hours of fasting to reset metabolism after eating like a fat pig Saturday."

Scherr was released by WWE back in June, with budget cuts being used to explain the decision behind the shock departure.

This seems like quite an anti-climactic end after an impressive career, taking on the likes of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and even Tyson Fury (yes, THE Tyson Fury.)


However, it now appears he has returned to his former passion of bodybuilding, a sport in which he has an impressive record in and has came first in the NAS Ameteur National Championship, the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championship as well as the Summerfest Strongman.

Since his reemergence after leaving WWE, he has dropped his famous ring name of Braun Strowman and now refers to himself as his full name Adam Scherr. Since, he has poked fun at the idea of Adam Scherr and Braun Strowman being two completely different people.

When an enquiring fan asked, "If you’re Adam Scherr, then who’s Braun Strowman?" Scherr replied, "He’s an a******."

Scherr has since stated that he has enjoyed taking time out after what has been a hectic eight years.



The complete lack of association with his once beloved identity as a professional wrestler shows that despite being a free agent, Braun Strowman’s return to WWE looks unlikely, at least for the time being.

This has us all asking what is next for the former WWE Universal Champion? Well, if his social media updates and incredible 25 stone figure are anything to go by, it seems almost certain that Scherr won’t stop his self-described ‘growing’ anytime soon, as he currently poses as a formidable contestant in the world of bodybuilding.

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