Conor McGregor leg break: New footage shows exact moment it happened vs Dustin Poirier


It would be an understatement to say that 2021 hasn’t been the best year for Conor McGregor.

He has battled talks of retirement while facing one of his most challenging opponents to date in Dustin Poirier.

January saw him lose to Poirier via a second-round knockout (the first loss by knockout in his entire professional career) and the rematch in June at UFC 264 saw him lose in dramatic fashion once again after breaking his leg in the first round.

Despite the fight taking place earlier this year, new footage still emerges from the event and McGregor has posted a new clip on Twitter himself, arguing that his leg was broken before he had even got up off the canvas in the closing stages of the first round.

The Irishman then continues to argue that before his injury he had dominated the fight, saying: “Four shots to zero here in this clip to close the fight before the injury. This fight was going my way 100%.”

The clip in question can be seen below!

This caused quite a stir on Twitter, with many arguing that McGregor was ‘desperate’ for an excuse and couldn’t admit that he had lost the fight fairly, some even going as far to argue that he has ‘lost touch with reality.’

After all, it doesn’t seem logical for someone who has realised they have broken their leg, to immediately begin to kick with it.

Many believe that this ‘new angle’ only confirms what had been previously believed, McGregor had broken his leg while using repetitive kicks, one of which curved round Poirier’s upper thigh, breaking it in the process.

The result and reaction to his loss in June has led many to believe that he should consider retiring from the sport after losing three of his last four fights, undoubtedly blemishing his impressive record.



The loss at UFC 264 has put McGregor’s career in somewhat disarray, with him most probably having to win two more fights before facing Poirier once again.

It seems that he has struggled to find the success he once had, dominating in numerous divisions, and the question remains if McGregor can ever return to the top once again.

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